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Why Holding on to a Junk Car Costs You More over Time

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If you’re driving around in an old, problematic vehicle, the cost of purchasing a new car might be what’s keeping you in this junky vehicle. However, when you really take a good look at the situation, you’ll likely notice that a junk car is probably going to cost you more money over time than buying a new car.

Constant Repairs

When you’re already describing your vehicle as junk, you must have had to make some repairs to it. These repairs are highly unlikely to stop. It may get to a point where you are bringing your car into the shop every other week to get work done to it. The amount of money that you are putting into repairs could go to a new car that isn’t going to cause all this trouble.

Missed Work

If your car is constantly breaking down, you might have to call out of work. Plenty of people rely on their cars to get them to their jobs, and you may live in an area that does not have public transportation readily available. In fact, you may even need your car to do your job. Of course, plenty of workplaces offer personal and sick days, but if you are constantly taking them, you may exceed your limit. Additionally, you could end up losing your job if your boss cannot depend on you to come to work.

Damage from Accidents

A junk car may also make you more prone to getting into accidents. If parts of your car are regularly malfunctioning, these issues could cause accidents. On top of the repairs that you will need to pay for, you may find that your insurance rates are going up. When you play a role in causing an accident, it is common for your insurance rates to increase.

Car Insurance

You may also be deciding between keeping the junk car and not having a car at all. For example, you might live in a bustling urban area where public transportation is readily available, yet something keeps you holding on to your car. If you have a car, it’s required to have car insurance. If you get rid of the junk car, you could make some money, and you could get rid of the insurance payments.

Depreciating Value

Your junk car is probably not worth that much right now. As the years go on, that value is likely to go down even more. Right now, you might have the ability to get a few hundred dollars for your car as part of the down payment on a new car. This opportunity could entirely vanish if your car gets worse.

Ultimately, keeping that junk car is costing you money now and in the future. The better idea is to get a new car to save you from all the problems you’re currently experiencing with your current car. Contact us today and get an instant quote to receive money for junk cars in Philadelphia today.

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