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What Happens to Cars When They Are Sold for Salvage?

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When a car or truck has been deemed by its owner or an insurance company to be worth less than the cost to repair it, it’s considered to be at the end of its usable life. This can occur if the vehicle is severely damaged in an accident, by flood or other natural causes, or by vandalism. It can also occur simply because too many of the parts are worn and the powertrain is no longer working.

An End of Life Vehicle can still be worth something to the owner, however. We specialize in sales of damaged vehicles, and we offer sellers top dollar for their old or damaged cars, trucks, and SUVs. Below, we outline the procedures we follow for purchasing End of Life vehicles and what we do with them after we take possession.

Where Do We Obtain Our Vehicles?

If the car is insured and has been severely damaged in an accident, the insurance company will inspect it and determine if it costs too much to repair it. If the cost is too high, the insurance company will take possession of the vehicle and assign it a salvage title. The insurance company will pay the owner a fair price and then look to sell the vehicle to a salvage operation.

The salvage title is really like a warning to future buyers. It means that repair costs are higher than the current worth of the vehicle. We may inspect the vehicle ourselves at a salvage auction, and if we decide that we can sell the parts for profit, we may purchase it.

Direct Buy from Owner

Owners of old cars may experience severe damage to the engine. If the engine block cracks, for example, and the car is only worth perhaps $1000, it will cost more to replace the engine than the car is worth. The owner can call us to have the vehicle towed to Philadelphia auto salvage. We will inspect the car and offer a fair price. The owner will sign the title over to us.

Recycling the Car Parts

When we take possession of an End of Life vehicle, we will determine the parts that can be resold. These parts may include the transmission, starter, alternator, radiator, or brakes. The tires and wheels may also be of value.

We strip these parts from the vehicle and price them fairly, and individuals who come to us looking for used car parts can purchase them as a retail transaction. Once the car is stripped of its usable parts, the rest of the body and frame are recycled.

The car frame is crushed and then sold as steel, aluminum, or composite material. Most car steel or aluminum can be recycled easily because specialized companies have the proper equipment to separate the useable compounds from the unusable ones.

Sell Us Your End of Life Vehicle

We offer fair pricing on severely damaged vehicles. We work directly with insurance providers and car owners, and we take care of all paperwork including title transfer.

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