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What Do I Need When Selling My Car for Cash in Philadelphia?

sell my junk car for Cash in Philadelphia

Whether you’re parting ways with the car you’ve had for the past few years or are ready to say goodbye to that old, beat up car that takes up space in your garage, selling your vehicle can be a daunting task for anyone. When done correctly, however, it can be an extremely rewarding process.

At Philly Cash for Cars, we’re dedicated to making the process as easy as possible for our clients. You don’t need much to finalize the sale of your vehicle, but the more you have the better.

Today, we’re going to discuss something we get asked often when we buy cars Philadelphia residents don’t want anymore — what exactly is needed when selling your vehicle to a dealership like ours. It’s easier than you’d think, but we’ll break it down so there’s no more confusion.

The 2 Most Critical Things

Believe it or not, there are only two documents that are crucial to the sale of your vehicle and they’re two things most people have easy access to — the original title of the vehicle and a photo ID that matches the name on the title.

Once you can prove that you own the vehicle with those two documents, Philly Cash for Cars will happily make you an offer for your unwanted vehicle. We extend the best customer service to ensure you understand every last detail about the sale.

Other Documents That Help

As we mentioned above, the more documents you provide the better. Much like anyone buying a car, we want to know as much about it as possible. It helps us determine a more accurate price for the vehicle and helps ensure you get the best offer possible.

Documents accepted throughout the process include a vehicle history report, maintenance records, warranty documents, odometer reading, bill of sale, and the original owner’s manual for the vehicle. As you can likely imagine, the next owner of your vehicle might want to know this information — if the car can still drive.

Of course, there won’t be much extra documents needed if the car can’t be driven, so that would be a different scenario.

What You Don’t Need to Do

One of the things our clients expect when interested in selling their vehicle is a tedious and irritating process. It’s not that they’re wrong for expecting that because it’s what most dealerships provide — but that’s not us.

When we give cash for junk cars in Philadelphia residents don’t want anymore, we do as much of the work for them as possible. You need a dealership who buys junk cars in Philadelphia with honesty and courtesy. After all, you’re the one that has to say goodbye to a car you’ve bonded with over the past few years.

You don’t need to transport the vehicle to us, you don’t need to repair the vehicle, and you don’t even need to meet us face-to-face to receive an offer for your vehicle — we can do that over the phone!

If interested in receiving cash for junk cars Philadelphia residents need to trust one dealership and one dealership only — Philly Cash for Cars. Contact us today to speak with one of our professionals!


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