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Using A Sold Junker To Help Finance A New Car…Yes, It’s Possible!

sell my junk car bucks county pa

It is now possible to sell your junk car and walk away with cash to help you put a down payment on a new model. Because the parts of these vehicles still hold value and can be shipped anywhere in the country, Philly Cash for Cars is making it easy for Philadelphians to make space for that new car while making some money at the same time.

Why Are People Selling Their Junkers for New Cars?

A lot of drivers are interested in putting a down payment on some of the brand-new vehicles coming out. A brand-new car has a lot to offer commuters who face the aggressive drivers, aggressive pedestrians, gridlock, and poor visibility that Philly drivers face.

The automated braking technology will stop the vehicle when an accident is imminent. The blind spot monitoring technology will alert you when aggressive drivers are coming up from behind to pass you. Because Philly drivers are among the most aggressive, they may even come up behind you in the right lane, rather than the passing lane, and catch you off guard.

Furthermore, a brand-new vehicle will have the best fuel economy. Vehicles made by Mazda average 50 MPG if they are equipped with the SkyTaxi-X technology and a 2.0 Liter engine. Plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles can get even more MPGs. The 2019 Toyota Prius Prime boasts a whopping 133 MPGs.

What Are the Dangers of Junk Vehicles?

It’s not safe to keep junk cars lying around. They make the perfect nesting spots for insects and rodents. They can also leak fluids onto the ground, kill grass, and injure children who play near them. Many people have been cited with fines for keeping junk cars on their property that were no longer registered or insured.

You can call a junkyard to tow it away for free or a service that buys junk cars and tows the car away for free. Why choose the former when the latter can help you put money towards a new vehicle?

How Do I Get Cash for My Junker?

Getting instant cash for your scrap metal, non-running, or an accident-damaged vehicle is easy. Simply go to Philly Cash for Cars and enter information about the year, make, model, VIN number, and condition of your vehicle.

We can make an offer and schedule a pickup of the vehicle whenever it’s convenient. If the vehicle meets your description, we’ll tow it away and pay you in cash for the title and vehicle. It’s that simple. Sell your junk car for cash in Philadelphia today and move into something newer.

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