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Yes, we buy junk cars Philadelphia residents need to get rid of, but we also live in Philly and are proud to call it home. One reason we love calling Philadelphia home is that it is one of a kind. As such, it’s pretty obvious when we are speaking to someone who is new to town or not fortunate enough to live in Philadelphia. They simply don’t speak our language. To help those outsiders understand, we present “your brain on Philadelphia.”

1. You Speak and Think in Philly Slang

When we say those who work at car junkyards in Philly speak a different language, we’re serious. Philly slang is a real thing. Those of us who have lived in Philadelphia our whole lives don’t even realize we are using words that the rest of America doesn’t use (or even know). For example, if someone asks you, “Jeet?” They are asking, “Did you eat yet?”

2. You Eat, Sleep, and Breathe Sports

Philadelphians are crazy for their sports teams – and we have plenty of them to cheer on all year long! Between the five major league sports teams that call Philadelphia home, we also have several collegiate sports teams. We are passionate fans, which may explain why one of our mascots goes by The Phillie Phanatic, and why we were named the worst sports fans in America. We don’t like to lose.

3. You Dream About Food You Can Only Find in Philadelphia

Different parts of the country are known for their cuisine, but Philadelphia’s is unlike any other. In fact, most visitors have never even heard of some of the foods that we eat regularly. For example, can you believe there are people who don’t even know what scrapple is? Plus, we call some dishes by different names according to our unique Philly slang, such as “water ice” for what the rest of the country calls “Italian ice.” And, of course, the way you really know you are a true Philadelphian is when you can order a Philly cheesesteak this way – “One, Whiz, With” – and know exactly what that means.

4. You are a Big Fan of Benjamin Franklin

Philadelphians love that Benjamin Franklin called Philly home, and it shows. There are statues of Ben Franklin all over the city, and we even named tons of places around town after him, including Ben Franklin Parkway.

5. You Shop at Markets

If you call Philadelphia home, then you know the best place to shop for fresh food and meat is at the local markets and not the grocery store. Residents like to do their shopping at the South 9th Street Curb Market (also known as the Italian Market) for fresh goods. When we want more than just groceries, we head to the Reading Terminal Market, where we can get groceries as well as clothes, crafts, and artisanal products.

6. You Always BYOB

When you go out of town, you are surprised to discover you aren’t expected to BYOB at restaurants. While our liquor laws drive us crazy, we genuinely like taking our own drink of choice to a restaurant.

Finally, when they need cash for junk cars Philadelphia residents can trust, the locals call Philly Cash for Cars for the best rates and best service.

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