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Renters Beware: Junk Cars at Your Rental Property Don’t Make the Landlord Happy

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Renters do not have the same rights as private homeowners. This is especially true when it comes to owning junks cars in Philadelphia. Landlords have the right to fine or evict any tenant who leaves this car on their property. If you want to be a good renter, consider the reasons why landlords don’t like junk cars.

Keeping Up Appearances Is Important

At most residential properties, you see clean-cut lawns and generally well-maintained buildings. Most landlords want to maintain good physical appearances at their businesses. They want the grassy areas around their parking lots to be free of litter. They don’t like crowded spaces where people can barely squeeze in and out of their apartments. Having a junk car around is having a huge piece of litter. It’s a public nuisance that is not required to run a good business.

Junk Cars Reduce Property Values

Every home and residential building has to maintain minimum standards of safety and cleanliness. If not, the home or building owners can be fined. Business owners lose their licenses if they don’t keep their buildings clean.

Your landlord easily loses business when he or she allows junk cars to sit in the parking lot and turn into old, rusted piles of metal. It becomes more difficult for a landlord to find tenants who want to live on the property that has a junkyard.

Junk Cars Are Unsafe

Junk cars are very dangerous, even the ones that are decades old with non-running engines. Many of these cars have been in serious accidents, so it’s easy to see the damages, such as broken glass and twisted metal parts. Sharp metal edges and glass can injure anyone who runs into the car.

Ways to Fix This Problem

If you’re renting any type of property, you must learn to share your space. You are renting an apartment, but the landlord owns it and has more control over its use than you have. Avoid bringing along a junk car at all costs.

Hire a reliable junk car removal company as the fastest and easiest solution. In only a few hours, have the company send a representative over to pick up your car and get rid of it for good. Getting rid of junk is an important task for any renter. To increase your chances of getting a new place to stay, contact our services at Philly Cash for Cars in Philadelphia, PA.

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