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How to Tell If You Should Sell Your Car as Junk

junking a car in pa

If you are like most people, then your car is your most cherished possession, and you probably never want to get rid of it. Although, the day will arrive when you have had enough of your old car, and you must decide how much you want to sell it for.

Selling your car at full market value would be the ideal situation. However, sometimes, your car has unfortunate circumstances that will only allow you to junk it. So, how do you know when it is the right time to call a car’s life over and junk it?

Here are the top reasons you should consider junking a car in PA:

Extreme Price to Repair

When you first bought your car, the price that was required to do common repairs was relatively low compared to the price that the car cost you, and due to the high value of the car, even expensive repairs made sense. Eventually, there comes a point in time when the value of your car has fallen so much that even low dollar repairs are not worth the cost. If the cost of your repair is anywhere near the car’s replacement value, then it is a prime candidate for selling as junk.

Mechanical Problems That Risk Your Safety

Another perfect situation for junking your car is when the car has developed serious issues that compromise your safety, such as excessive rust everywhere, the car’s breaks needing a major repair, balding or uneven treads on the tires, or engine oil leaks that can erupt into fire. When you have several of these dangerous repairs needing to be done, it’s time to let the junkyard take your car.

Having No Title

A less obvious reason to scrap your car is when you don’t have a title for it. Of course, if your car is worth a lot of money, then it would be wise to get a new title made. However, if your car is old and not worth much, then spending huge amounts of time dealing with tedious government paperwork and paying huge fees makes the entire ordeal not worth it; therefore, you should sell it to a scrapper because they typically don’t require a title.

In conclusion, it’s a coin flip if your old car has any real value left in it. If your car is suffering from one of the reasons mentioned, then it is ready for the junkyard. As a rule of thumb, ask yourself if the car is worth saving, and if you get the gut feeling that it’s time is up, then sell it as junk.

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