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How to Make More Cash for Your Junk Car in Philly by Doing Less

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Part of the reason so many people hold on to junk cars is that they think the process of selling their junk car will be time consuming and overwhelming. Here’s the truth – it is easy to sell junk car for cash in Philadelphia. But, unless you know the right way to sell a junk car, you’re going to spend time doing far more than you need to do. Let’s look at some of the common mistakes car owners make when trying to get cash for junk cars.

Don’t Waste Your Time Fixing It

Look, you call it a junk car for a reason. Don’t waste your time fixing it or cleaning it up. It likely won’t be worth the money it’ll take to fix it. And if someone does want to buy, they probably aren’t buying it because it is clean. Taking time and money to fix a junk car before selling it is a colossal waste.

Don’t Take It Apart

Some junk car owners mistakenly believe they should take their car apart and sell their car parts to auto junk yards in Philadelphia. This is wrong. If you want to sell your junk car, you should keep it in one piece. It is worth more this way. Don’t waste your time pulling out parts.

Don’t Post It Online

Sure, you can post your junk car on Craigslist or Facebook, but that takes a lot of work. For example, you have to take pictures, write up a summary, and then advertise it. Then, you have to deal with people who might not be willing to give you what you are asking for the vehicle.

Don’t Put a For Sale Sign in the Window and Wait

Years ago, the common way to sell a junk car was to simply put a For Sale in the window with a phone number and wait for an interested buyer to call. Like the previous don’t, this requires a lot of patience. Who wants a junk car eyesore sitting for who knows how long as you wait for just the right buyer to come along?

Don’t Accept a Price Change

When it comes to car buying, people love to negotiate. But, when it comes to removing a junk car from your property, it shouldn’t be that complicated. The person or business either wants your car or they don’t. Unfortunately, some car dealers will trick you into believing you can trade in your junk car but then change the price offer. Some junk car buyers do the same thing.

Don’t Have It Towed

Stop looking for Philadelphia junk car removal. When you work with a reputable junk car buyer, like Philly Cash for Cars, they should tow the vehicle for you. It shouldn’t take two different companies to make it happen.

Do Less to Make More Cash

Here’s the cash for junk cars Philadelphia secret you need to know. When you work with Philly Cash for Cars, you do less so you can make more cash. Instead of making any of the mistakes we discussed, all you have to do is get your car title and license with a matching name ready and give us a call. Over the phone, we will give you a quote without any negotiating or hassling. If you like our cash offer, then we schedule a time to meet with you and pick up your junk car (sometimes even the same day). Our tow truck driver will check your ID, have you fill out some simple paperwork, give you cash on the spot, and tow the junk car away. It’s that simple!


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