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Front Yard Improvement Rule #1: Get Rid Of Junk Cars…But Get Paid!

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Today, rapid increases in home prices have contributed to the financial well-being of many homeowners in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Attractive front yards help enhance the “curb appeal” of lovely residential properties in our community. Yet some owners must contend with an all-too-common problem: old junk vehicles slowly rusting away in front yards or adjoining lots.

The first step in obtaining a stylish front yard involves getting rid of decaying cars and pickups. If you?re interested in solving this problem in Philly: obtain the fast removal of junk cars, but get paid for them, too! Many homeowners don’t realize obtaining essential clunker removal services can actually pay for itself.

Get Paid For Improving Your Yard

Would you like to obtain a little cash and also solve the problem of a rusted vehicle detracting from the appearance of your front yard? This solution provides a way to obtain a few dollars to invest in flowers, vegetables, and trees. Taking this step now could allow you to create a stunningly beautiful front yard in the Spring. Gardeners absolutely love this idea!

Remove Junk Vehicles From The Yard

Many people in Philadelphia and outlying areas allow junk cars to remain in their yards because they don’t know where else to put them. A poorly running vehicle simply takes up too much space for most garages. An owner may hesitate to expend a lot of money fixing an auto or a truck with limited resale value. Most junk vehicles won’t sell well, either. Yet, leaving the clunker to slowly decay in the yard causes significant problems, including:

  • It detracts from the pretty appearance of the yard
  • It takes up space you could use for other purposes
  • It may eventually injure children or pets playing outdoors
  • It may prevent a rapid sale for a decent price if you ever decide to sell your home

Take Action Now

Owners who decide to have a salvage yard haul away junk vehicles gain a great sense of satisfaction! Obtaining the removal of old vehicles means lawns have a much better opportunity to look beautiful again. Clunker owners in Bucks County and Montgomery County even obtain cash for clunkers!

Ask Us to Haul Away Your Old Cars

In Philly and the outlying areas, we offer assistance towing away junk vehicles. We even pay customers for their clunkers! Don’t allow an aging vehicle to become an eyesore that detracts from the beauty of your property. Give us a call to request our assistance!

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