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Do I Need to Notify My Local Department of Motor Vehicles After Selling My Junk Car?

sell my junk car

When you sell a car, you need to know what to do next. There are a few steps listed below that describe the sale, explain what you should do next, and how you can work with the local government. Each step below shows you what happens when you sell a junk car for cash in Philadelphia so that you can work within the bounds of the law.

What Happens When You Sell the Car?

When you sell a junk car, you are selling it to a person or entity who likely wants to sell the car for scrap. You will turn over the title, and you will sign that title for the seller. The buyer walks away with the title, and you get cash.

How Does the Buyer Use the Title?

The buyer can use the title to show that they own the car, and they can even show how much they paid. However, the seller will likely break up the car into parts to make the most money. They will notify the local DMV that they are not registering the car, and the title will be changed to a salvage title. You do not need to do that because you are no longer in possession of the car.

How Do You Deal with Your Registration?

You should contact the local DMV about the registration for your vehicle. When you sell the car, you may need to surrender your tags. If you need to surrender the tags, you should return them to a tag office or mail them to the state. If you do not need to surrender the tags, you can keep them in the house or throw them away. Also, the local DMV will cancel your registration.

What Happens When You Do Not Surrender the Title to the Buyer?

When the seller does not get the title, you are still the owner of the car. You do not have any way to prove that you sold the car because you did not turn the title over to the buyer. You must make sure that you hand over the title even if that person does not want to drive the car.

You should notify your local DMV that you have sold your junk car to cancel your registration. You may need to surrender your tags, and you may need to send in a form that cancels your registration. The buyer will use the title to sell the car for scrap or refurbish the car for a profit. You need to make sure the DMV does not think you own the car anymore.

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