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Best List of Online Communities About Philadelphia You Should Join

Best List of Online Communities

Here at Philly Cash for Cars, we understand the importance of community. That’s why we are sharing some of our favorite Philadelphia online communities. Whether you are a lifelong Philly resident or new to town, these are the online communities that showcase some of the best Philly has to offer – and the perfect place to ask, “Who buys junk cars in Philadelphia?”

Philly Phanatics

Philadelphia is home to five major league sports teams. What that means is you can’t call Philly home unless you are a sports fan. With five major league teams, you have several options for online communities where you can celebrate or commiserate. But, if you are looking for an online community that discusses all of the sports in Philadelphia, you need to follow Philly Phanatics.

Philly Family

The cash for junk cars Philadelphia families want can line their pockets with money to spend on family-friendly activities around town. By following Philly Family, you will be the first to know about family-friendly events, as well as have an opportunity to join their online community to find out where all the cool mom and dads are hanging out and ask for recommendations for pediatricians.

Visit Philly

UWISHUNU is the official tourism blog for Visit Philly. The website covers dining, nightlife, events, arts, shopping, music, and more. In addition to this blog, which is packed with helpful information for residents and visitors, they have a great Facebook community. Community members will feel free to comment and ask questions.

Health Union Philadelphia

Health Union is a Philadelphia-based startup that serves to connect individuals with health conditions find one another for support. The website is home to several different condition-specific online health communities where community members can ask important questions, discuss challenges, and offer support. There are groups for health conditions such as prostate cancer, migraines, sleep disorders, diabetes, and more.


While social meetups are not as common during the coronavirus pandemic, MeetUp still offers opportunities for like-minded individuals to connect. MeetUp works by allowing community members to find groups based on common interests or hobbies. Upon discovering groups, you can see if there are any meetup opportunities on the calendar. Since MeetUp is community led, it means you can find all sorts of hobbies virtually, such as gamers, fitness, book clubs, beer brewing, and more.


NextDoor is a social networking site for specific neighborhoods. In the NextDoor online community, you can broaden your topic searches to the larger Philadelphia area. But, what makes NextDoor stand out is that it is hyperlocal, so you find out important information about your specific neighborhood, including events and crime notices. It is also a helpful site for asking questions and getting recommendations. For example, NextDoor is a great place to ask about auto junk yards in Philadelphia.

Since we are doing more and more virtually, it just makes sense to join a Philadelphia online community. Speaking of doing more virtually, did you know you can receive an instant quote for your junk car by filling out the form on our website? It’s really that simple!


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